The digitalization of the medical industry will continue, and it will bring huge benefits to all mankind, there is no doubt about this.
In the cross-border purchasing of medical products, people's demand for efficient, real-time, visible, predictable is becoming stronger.
And the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has undoubtedly further intensified such demand.
Based on this A platform for digital cross-border supply chain of medical products
Emerge as the times require

Statistics show that it takes an average of 60 days to find a satisfactory medical device supplier.

60 Days Need time
The language barrier makes the communication efficiency lower.
In cross-border purchasing, people often spend more time to describe an originally simple problem.
Maybe several emails back and forth are just to confirm the packaging of a product.

Inefficiency always erodes your time.
Don't waste unnecessary time on "boring purchases".

Simplify what is complicated
digital supply chain platform allows you to find qualified suppliers and products without looking for a needle in a haystack to avoid the "1 vs N" type of repetitive work.
Leave the complicated things to us! You only need to "submit" requirements with one click.
We will immediately "customize" for you.
In cross-border procurement, time lag cannot be ignored. Communication in traditional international trade is often in the "T+1" style.
Here, there is no need to care about this issue. We are online 24 hours a day, and you can contact us in real time.
Hong kong
New york
We are well aware of what the timeliness of quotation means to you. After submitting the inquiry request, you can get a detailed quotation in
just a cup of coffee time.
What makes you even more surprised
System AI  has calculated the volume, weight, optimal loading method, and accurate freight of the target goods in real time.
These are helpful to quickly evaluate the overall cost of the purchase.
Real-time freight calculation capabilities benefit from
the global real-time freight database
built by the platform, which covers real-time freight information of more than 1,000 major seaports and more than 500 major airports around the world.
Real-time communication, real-time quotation, real-time freight...
This is the ultimate experience brought by digitalization!
Visible & Predictable

In cross-border procurement, people's attention to the order process is always urgent.

Our full visualization service means that you no longer need to spend too much time tracking the goods.
At any time, the order status is Absolutely Clear.

This will enable you to focus on creating value for your customers.

Visualization enables predictability
You can predict the next journey of the goods.

So as to benefit your market now and in the future, stimulate greater business growth potential, and gain key advantages in the competition.

Price & Quality maybe you can have both
The cherished wish of every purchaser is:
to buy "good quality" and "low price" products.
However, both are like the front and back of a coin.
Digital cross-border supply chain solutions may let you no longer fall
into difficult choices between A and B.
Our strict supply chain quality assurance system established a solid firewall for you.
You don't need to worry about the quality.

"Good quality" or "Low price"

We connect global demand, From then on, you no longer need to be constrained by the quantity to obtain competitive prices.
For supply chain management innovation,
it is not enough to rely solely on efficiency, real-time,
visibility, predictability and cost savings.
The essence of digital cross-border supply chain platform is
not just what you need, what we supply you;
More importantly, you have what we have.
Choosing as your provider of cross-border procurement solutions will pave the way for you to a new and exciting world ----
A world where you can focus on actively developing your business.
Let us help the world progress together!
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