AQ-200 Intelligent multispectral endoscopy system (Image processor & Light source)
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Multi-LED light source dyeing technology, featuring 3 CBI modes, laser transmission, wireless power supply, dual screen display, radio frequency identification and so on.
Configuration (Image processor & Light source)
AQ-200 + AQL-200L
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Endoscopic irrigation pump
Endoscopic CO2 insufflation device
Medical monitor
Medical keyboard
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Endoscope Image Processor





420 mm (W) × 390 mm (H) × 115 mm (D)


8.54 kg

Power supply

Rated voltage

220 V

Rated frequency

50 Hz

Input power

60 VA


Electric shock protection class

Class I

Electric shock protection class

Type BF

Explosion-proof grade

It cannot be used in the presence of flammable anesthetic gas mixed
with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with oxygen or nitrous oxide.


Color gamut

Observation color gamut: NTSC × PAL


SDI × 2, DVI × 2, output video resolution  1920 × 1080 P

Standard definition output signal

VIDEO × 2, Y/C, component output (RGB/YPbPr, SYNC) etc.

USB interface

With USB × 3, it can store videos and images through external USB storage device

Video signal input

It supports Picture-in-Picture video input.
There are OFF, CVBS and Y/C options for video input interface.
External video can be connected and displayed in Picture-in-Picture.

Fiber optic transmission of laser

Video signals are transmitted through optical fiber with faster speed,
stronger interference resistance, and more stable image and video transmission.

White balance adjustment

White balance by one touch can correct the color of the endoscopic image.
The white balance information can be stored in the endoscope which has information memory function,
without frequent operation.

Tone / hue adjustment

R/B/C: 150-step adjustment, image color can be set and customized.
Red, blue and saturation components can be selected for adjustment.
After setting, the user mode can be stored.
When using, the custom mode can be accessed by one touch.

Automatic gain AGC

When the front end of the endoscope is too far from the mucosa and the
brightness is insufficient, the endoscopic image can be enhanced electronically.


The contrast of endoscopic images can be adjusted,
contrast can be adjusted to high, medium and low levels.

Noise reduction

In the process of image processing, noisy points can be automatically corrected.

Photometry mode

There are three photometry modes: peak value automatic measuring,
mean value automatic measuring and full automatic measuring.

Peak value measuring: adjust according to the brightest part of the image.

Mean value measuring: adjust according to the mean brightness of the image.

Full automatic measuring: automatically set the optical aperture to adjust the overall brightness of the image.

Structure highlighting

It has the highlighting On/Off feature.
When highlighting is enabled, it has three adjustment stages of S1, S2 and S3.
Each stage has 8 adjustment levels, and there are 24 levels in total.

It can highlight the structure of endoscopic images.

Color / Hemoglobin highlighting

HBE blood highlighting: it can highlight the morphology of mucosal capillaries and enhance the display of vascular tissue.
It can highlight protoheme in blood, and enhance the display of blood vessels and blood-rich tissues.

Digital zoom

It has digital zoom function, which can digitally zoom and view the abnormal mucosa.
There are 4 adjustment levels: 1x, 1.2x, 1.5x and 2x.


The image processor can select the clearest one in the images before freezing for display and storage.

Image display adjustment

The endoscopic image on the display can be adjusted by itself at 16:9, 5:4 or other different ratios selection.

User / custom mode settings

RFID RF card swiping mode: support user-defined mode, with no less than 5 modes.
The configuration information of the image processor is written in the RF card.
Color customization information, enhancement type and enhancement level
information, video output format, and picture-in-picture mode switching.

Dual screen display

Dual screen display / dual screen display function, supporting simultaneous
output of white light image and optical staining image. Different modes such as
large white light image or large staining image can be selected for the image size.


Picture-in-picture feature is available for selection.

Information display

Information display query

The display supports the display of endoscope model, serial number, for cep channel, staining mode,
photometry mode and other information, and the product information is visually displayed.

Patient data

The display can input the patient ID, name, gender, age and remarks through the keyboard.

Display image information

The display can display the endoscope model, serial number, staining mode,
highlighting level, photometry mode and other main information.


Without being sent back to the manufacture, the system can be directly upgraded through
the USB interface by one touch, to obtain the latest optimized image processing functions.


Image freezing

Images can be frozen. There are 4 freezing control modes,
freezing by handle key, image processor, host foot switch and keyboard.

Video recording

Video recording feature is available. It can connect a storage device through USB.
It is easy to operate and videos can be recorded and stored at any time.
External memories such as hard disk, U disk are supported.

Storage mode

Images are stored in JPEG, with original output (1/1) supported,
and lossless compression formats such as MP4 are supported for videos.

Memory storage

User setting

The user card is configured as standard, and the entered information is stored in the users RF card.

Setting saved

After the image processor is turned off, the color mode, photometry mode, enhancement mode, etc.
Are automatically saved, and the latest user information is defaulted on the next boot.


High frequency equipment

It can be used with high-frequency electric burning, YAG and semiconductor laser.

Light Source



Power supply

Rated voltage

220 V

Rated frequency

50 Hz

Input power

300 VA



470 mm (L) × 400 mm (W) × 165 mm (H)


17 kg

Medical appliance category

Electric shock protection class

Class I

Electric shock protection class

Type BF

Explosion-proof protection grade

It is strictly prohibited to install and use in the room containing combustible gas to avoid explosion or fire.


Light source type

LED light source

Lighting mode

White light and three narrow-band lighting modes are supported.

Optical staining

It has three modes of optical staining: CBI-R, CBI-D and CBI-Q.

Light source service life

About 10000 hours

Service life indication

The main lamp has a life indication function, which can indicate the used time of the bulb.

Light source color temperature

3000 ~ 7000 k

Color rendering index


Dimming mode

Manual dimming and automatic dimming, two modes

Air pump

Air pump type

Diaphragm air pump

Air pump pressure

Air pump pressure range: 40 ~ 90 kPa

Flow selection

Air pump flow: OFF / L / M / H (off, high, medium and low flow) options for air pump flow

Air pump flow rate

Flow rate range: 4 ~ 7 L/min

Water delivery

Water bottle

The detachable water bottle is pressurized to realize water delivery for lens washing.

Memory storage

Save settings

The parameter settings used are automatically saved after the equipment is powered off.

AQ-200 Intelligent multispectral endoscopy system (Image processor & Light source)
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Configuration (Image processor & Light source)
AQ-200 + AQL-200L