Lumiray 630 automated CLIA analyzer (80 T/H)
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P/N: MZ878461
Support whole blood automatic piercing function, stable ALP-AMPPD methodology, small liquid phase magnetic particle tube type chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer (CLIA).
Lumiray 630
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Lumiray 630

System function


80 tests per hour


Anemia / Bone metabolism / Cardiac / Glyco metabolism / Inflammation Monitoring / Infections disease / Renal function / Torch / Tumor marker / ANA series and so on.

Measuring methods

Tubular magnetic particle chemiluminescence

Sample system

Sample position

4 positions per rack, 3 racks in 1 batch

Incubation temperature

37 ± 0.5 

Test tube type

Support original blood collection tube, centrifuge tube, plastic test tube, small sample cup, etc.


Built-in barcode scanner

Reagent assembly

Reagent position

10 reagent positions, continuous loading, real-time mixing for magnetic particles

Refrigerated temperature

24 hours non-stop cooling system with 2 ~ 8


Steel probe, liquid level detection, collision protection,

clotting detection and inventory checking

Loading cuvettes

Automatic loading reaction

cuvettes with automatic alarm

Reaction temperature

37 , fluctuation ± 0.5 

Independent magnetic separation unit

Magnetic separation

Multi-phase magnetic separation combined with vortex type resuspension of magnetic particles to ensure cleaning efficiency

Repeatability of magnetic separation

Array-type surrounding magnetic field design to precisely control the loose of magnetic particles, achieve optimal repeatability of magnetic separation

Power supply

AC 100240 V, 50 / 60 Hz


1030 , humidity ≤ 70 %


95 cm (L)*70cm (W)*80 cm (H)

Weight (Net / Gross)

100 Kg / 150 Kg

Lumiray 630 automated CLIA analyzer (80 T/H)
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Lumiray 630