Our Cookie Policy was updated on April 12, 2024.
About this Cookie Policy
Medmay Biotech Limited. (referred to in this policy as "Medmay", "We", "Our" or "Us") take your privacy very seriously. This policy is designed to meet your needs and it is important that you fully understand the type of cookies We use and how We use the information We collect. By reading this policy carefully, you can understand how We and Our partners use cookies and other trackers, including the categories of trackers used by Us and Our partners, their purposes and how you can change your preferences.
In certain circumstances and through these cookies, We collect some of your personal data which may include your IP address, information about how you use Our website, your choice of internet browser, the type of device from where you access Our website and where in the world you are. Where the information We collect through cookies is considered personal data, this Cookie Policy and Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here [ https://www.med-may.com/home/about/privacy/ ], apply to the collection and use of such personal data. For more information on Our information collection and use practices, please review our privacy policy available here [https://www.med-may.com/home/about/privacy/ ].
What are cookies and other similar technologies?
Cookies are small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters that are placed on your computer, phone or other device by certain websites that you visit. Medmay's websites and online services (referred to in this policy as Our "website") may use cookies and other trackers for a variety of purposes, including to provide the functionality of Our website and to improve your experience. Other trackers, such as pixel tracking and local storage, are also used to store or access information on your devices and to record your actions or preferences over time. In this policy, We refer to all of these technologies by the term "cookies".
Different cookies persist for different periods of time on your devices. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain after you close your browser and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits to the website or when you use one of Our services (for example, to remember your preferences).
The cookies we use can be categorized as follows: (a) First party cookies: where cookies are stored by Us for Medmay's purposes; or (b) So-called third-party cookies, i.e. when the cookies stored when you visit Our website may be accessible by other companies. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of relevant third-party vendors on their websites for information on their use of cookies.
Why do we use cookies and other trackers?
Cookies can be used for a variety of purposes. Most of them are set to maintain the essential functionality of Our website and to observe the performance of websites which will help Us to work more efficiently. For example, cookies can be used to remember items added to your online shopping cart or to help you log in automatically on your next visit by saving your credentials. We also use cookies to improve your experience by delivering personalized content and tailored advertising.
Local storage is a file created by a website, which can contain information on the user side rather than the server side. Some of Medmay's websites and online services use browser's "session storage" and "local storage" to store data - "session storage" is stored temporarily for your browsing session, but "local storage" "is persistent. Most local storage is used to help Us remember your preferences on Our websites. Pixel tracking is an electronic image generally made up of a single pixel. It can be placed on a web page or in an email to transmit information, including personal data such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page in question, the URL of the page, the time consultation of the page and the type of browser used, as well as the data contained in cookies sent by a third party.
ETag is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure protocol header transmitted behind the Internet browser and Internet server. ETag can help Us to avoid unnecessary server load, improve service efficiency, save resources, energy. We may also use the ETag to analyze how users visit Our website in order to improve Our products or services. Most browsers offer users the option of clearing their data from the browser cache. Likewise, you can erase your data by going to the browser settings function.
You will find more information in the section "How to manage your cookies?"
Below you will find more information on the categories of cookies and the trackers we use.
Do we need your consent for the storage of cookies on your device?
We will collect your consent to place cookies on your device, except in certain circumstances where cookies are essential for the transmission of a communication, or when cookies are strictly necessary for us to provide you with a service you have requested.
You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies or adjust your cookie preferences by going to the cookie settings accessible at the bottom of the page at any time. Please note that you may need to refresh your page for your settings to take effect.
What types of cookies do we use?
We use the following categories of cookies on Our website:
Required Cookies
These cookies are essential to enable users to use Our website. In particular, they allow access to certain functionalities such as managing your shopping cart, the live Stream service and access to other secure parts of the website. The required cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be deactivated or rejected by users without affecting the functioning of the site and its use. Without these cookies, you would not be able to navigate between pages or use certain essential functions of Our website.
These cookies are strictly necessary for the use of Our website, for more details on these necessary cookies.
Functional Cookies
These cookies allow you to browse Our website or to benefit from certain improved features such as remembering your browsing preferences or using instant messaging.
As with the necessary cookies, if these cookies are disabled, it could have an impact on your use of the site and on the access to certain features. These cookies being essential for the use of Our website, We will not be obliged to obtain your consent for the use of the aforementioned cookies.
Analytical Cookies
Analytical cookies track users' activities in their browsers in order to better understand how Our website is viewed and used. These cookies collect information in order to determine:
1. The channel through which users arrive on Our website. For example, if they visit it directly by typing a URL, or by clicking on a link on other social media platforms or search engines.
2. The performance of Our website. For example, number of visits to each page, duration of each visit, usage and clicks on each feature point, events that occur on the website, aggregate usage, performance data and breakdown errors that may occur on the website.
3. Information about devices that visit Our website. For example: browsers, operating system, device model, etc.
We will obtain your prior express consent by means of a clear affirmative action before using these analytical cookies.
Advertising Cookies
We work with Our third-party service providers and business partners to deliver advertising content on Our website or to manage Our advertisements on other websites. Our third-party service providers and Our business partners may use advertising cookies to collect data about your online activities and your browsing habits on their websites. Thanks to the data collected by these cookies, they can offer you relevant advertising tailored to your preferences and interests.
We will obtain your express prior consent by means of a clear affirmative action before providing these advertising services to you.
How to manage your cookies?
You have full control over cookies when you use Our website. You are free to ask Us (or set your browser or operating system to) limit certain tracking or refuse cookies with respect to cookies that are not necessary, but please note that if you do not use of certain types of cookies, some of the functions of Our website may be affected and not function properly.
You can manage your cookie preferences by visiting Our cookie management center: "Cookie settings" at the bottom of the page at any time. Please note that you may need to refresh your page for your settings to take effect.
If you wish to disable strictly necessary cookies (ie "essential cookies" and "preference cookies"), you will need to do so using your browser settings.
Most devices and browsers provide a way to set your cookie preferences. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser. You can use the "help" or "settings" option of your browser to get more details.
You can also find information on how to disable or manage your browser's cookies by consulting the cookie policies of the following browsers:
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Edge
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Opera
• Apple Safari
• Firefox
How can you contact us?
If you have any comments or questions about the use of cookies on Our website, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Our contact details are listed below. You can also see Our privacy policy [ https://www.med-may.com/home/about/privacy/] for general information and details on the types of information We collect about you and how which you can exercise your privacy rights.
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